Sendai Airport⇔Matsushima Liner

SENDAI Airport⇔Matsushima Liner

  • Seats 4 row seats
  • Guidance ja
  • WIFI Available(Free)

Guide to bus stop

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Sendai Area

Sendai Airport Building
Spots in the vicinity
Uminomori Aquarium
Spots in the vicinity
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port
Special Offers

Sendai Uminomori Aquarium
Show your bus ticket at the ticket counter and get 100 yen discount on adult, Junior and senior high school students , elementary school child, and senior citizen tickets.

Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port
Show your bus ticket at the information counter and get special coupons that can be used at various shops.

Matsushima Area

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso
Matsushima Kaigan Station
Matsushima Shopping Center
Matsushima Station
Spots in the vicinity
Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall
Special Offers

Marubun Matsushima Kisen
10% discount on the fare between both Matsushima→Shiogama, Matsushima⇔Shiogama
Adult: 1500 yen→1350 yen (junior high school child or older)
Child: 750 yen→680 yen
※Sold at Matsushima Pleasure Ship Ticket Counter No. 2

Matsushima Shopping Center
Gifts for a sweets for customers who purchased
②Free baggage keeping

Matsushima Kanran-tei and Matsushima Museum
100 yen discount on entry with matcha tea service

Entuuin Temple Entrance fee discount
Adult 300 yen→250 yen
Senior high school student 150 yen→100 yen
Child 100 yen→70 yen

Sensinan Restaurant
1 free zunda mochi for customers who order a meal

Date Masamune Historical Museum
200 yen discount on adult,senior high school student
100 yen discount on child

The Museum MatsushimaA
300 yen discount on adult
200 yen discount on senior citizen(65 years of age or older), and child

Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass
MuseumGeneral and University students 1200 yen→800 yen
Elementary school child, junior high school child, senior high school child 700 yen→400yen

Matsushima Kamaboko Honpo Total head office
Sasakamaboko hand-baked experience 10% discount

Kimono rental shop Umerabu
Hair set is free for customers who rent kimono and yukata

Time table

Sendai Airport Building9:159:5511:4013:2015:3016:30
Sendai Uminomori Aquarium9:4010:2012:0513:4515:5516:55
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port9:5010:3012:1513:5516:0517:05
Hotel Matsushima Taikanso14:1716:2717:27
Matsushima Kaigan Station10:1810:5812:4314:2316:3317:33
Matsushima Shopping Center arr10:2311:0312:4814:2816:3817:38
Matsushima Shopping Center dep14:2816:3817:38
Matsushima Station14:3116:4117:41
Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall16:4417:44
Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall8:20※
Matsushima Station8:23※
Matsushima Shopping Center arr8:26※
Matsushima Shopping Center dep8:30※10:3311:2013:3015:0017:10
Matsushima Kaigan Station8:33※10:3611:2313:3315:0317:13
Hotel Matsushima Taikanso8:36※10:3911:2613:3615:0617:16
Sendai Uminomori Aquarium8:58※11:4813:5815:2817:38
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port9:08※11:5814:0815:3817:48
Sendai Airport Building9:38※11:2112:2814:3816:0818:18
AEON MALL Natori14:50

※ Operates from July 18th to August 30th

Fare (one-way)

(alighting only)
Sendai Airport Building Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port/Sendai Uminomori Aquarium Matsushima Town
Sendai Airport Building 200(100) 600(300) 1,200(600)
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port/Sendai Uminomori Aquarium 800(400) 600(300) 600(300)
Matsushima Town 1,400(700) 1,200(600) 600(300)

Matsushima Town
(Matsushima Station, Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall, Matsushima Shopping Center, Matsushima Kaigan Station, Hotel Matsushima Taikanso)
Adult 100yen, Child 50yen

How to Buy Tickets

The internet Bus Ticket at Smartphone(MTI Bus Ticket Service) site)
Ticket counter Sendai Airport ticket counter (Sendai Airport 1F lobby Michinoku Tourism Information)
Entrance of Zuiganji Temple (Matsushima Kanko Guides)
“Hot water spring for silky skin” Matsushima onsen Matsushima Century Hotel
Nihon Sankei Matsushima Hanagokoro-no-Yu “Shintomitei”
Hotel Matsushima Taikanso
Hotel Zekkei no yakata
Matsushima-Satoh News dealer's shop
Pay on the bus Please come to the bus stop. If you inform your destination point, the guides might advice you on the nearest places where you could deboard from the bus.
(E.g: If you want to leave baggage in Matsushima, go to Matsushima Shopping Center , etc.)

Contact Us

Inquiries about Iwate Kenpoku Bus Sendai office are as follows.

  • TEL022-259-8151
  • Address4 Chome-1-39 Nakano, Miyagino Ward, Sendai, Miyagi