SENDAI Airport-Matsushima-Hiraizumi Guided Liner(With multilingual voice guide)

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Convenience at your footsteps

  • Free Wifi!
  • Enjoy touring Matsushima and Hiraizumi just by sitting comfortably, without any transfers.♪
  • Business! Convenient access to Dream Messe Miyagi Same day return possible from business trips from KANSAI
  • Leisure and Shopping! Visit Uminomori Aquarium and Mitsui Outlet Park
  • Sendai Airport Access from Ishinomaki! Easy transfer at Matsushima Kaigan Station

Places you can visit by bus  (Guide to bus stops)

This is a landmark bus stop
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Sendai Area

Sendai Airport Building
Bus stop
Spots in the vicinity
Uminomori Aquarium
Bus stop
Spots in the vicinity
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port
Bus stop
Spots in the vicinity


  • From Sendai Airport
  • To Sendai Airport
Sendai Airport Building9:15※9:4010:2011:4013:4015:3016:30
Sendai Uminomori Aquarium9:40※10:0510:4512:0514:0515:5516:55
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port9:50※10:1510:5512:1514:1516:0517:05
Matsushima Kaigan Station10:13※10:3811:1812:3814:3816:2817:28
Matsushima Shopping Center arr10:18※10:4311:2312:4314:4316:3317:33
Matsushima Shopping Center dep10:35※17:33
Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall10:38※17:36
Hiraizumi Station12:03※
Hiraizumi Road Station12:06※
Chusonji Temple(Hiraizumi Rest House)12:13※

※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from November 1 to March 31

Chusonji Temple(Hiraizumi Rest House)14:45※
Hiraizumi Road Station14:52※
Hiraizumi Station14:55※
Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall16:20※
Matsushima Shopping Center arr16:25※
Matsushima Shopping Center dep11:5013:3015:0016:50
Matsushima Kaigan Station11:5313:3315:0316:53
Sendai Uminomori Aquarium12:1313:5315:2317:13
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port12:2314:0315:3317:23
Sendai Airport Building12:5314:3316:0317:53

※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from November 1 to March 31

Fare (one-way)

Sendai Airport Building~Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port Adult 500yen Child 250yen
Sendai Airport Building~Matsushima Adult 1,000yen Child 500yen
Sendai Airport Building〜Hiraizumi Adult 2,500yen Child 1,250yen
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port~Matsushima Adult 500yen Child 250yen
Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port~Hiraizumi Adult 2,500yen Child 1,250yen
Matsushima〜Hiraizumi Adult 2,000yen Child 1,000yen
5 day unlimited ride pass※ Adult 4,500 yen Child 2,250 yen
3 day unlimited ride pass※ Adult 3,800 yen Child 1,900 yen

※You cannot get on and off at each stop within one area.(one area is listed per ●)
 ●Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port⇔Uminomori Aquarium
 ●Matsushima Shopping Center⇔Matsushima Culture and Tourism Exchange Hall
 ●Hiraizumi Station⇔Hiraizumi Road Station⇔Chusonji Temple(Hiraizumi Rest House)

Special Offers

Sendai Port

  • Sendai Uminomori Aquarium
    Show your bus ticket at the ticket counter and get 100 yen discount on adult, Junior and senior high school students , elementary school child, and senior citizen tickets.
  • Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port
    Show your bus ticket at the information counter and get special coupons that can be used at various shops.

Save up to 200 yen on 2 adults!


Up to roughly 2400yen discount on 2 adults


  • Hiraizumi Rest House
    Special soft drink service for customers who order meals
    (1F Food Court Mon, 2F Restaurant Gen)
    ②5% discount at the shopping corner (not including liquor and postage)
    ③Free baggage keeping
  • Sun Hotel Koromogawaso
    6F cafe&bar HOKUTEN 1 free soft drink
  • Gold Renta
    100 yen discount on bicycle rental
    100 yen discount on a road cart
    200 yen discount on car rental
    (Free baggage keeping for users of all types)

Up to 500 yen discount on 2 adults
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